Co Curricular Activities:

St. Joseph Convent School organize a wide range of activities during the year,Convent school celebrates all national festivals like 15th August,26th January Basant Panchmi, Teacher’s Day, Helper’s Day, 2nd October.

  •  Debat
  • Computer Quit
  • Vocal Music





  • Dance Competition.
  • Inter school cricket,basket ball ,Vole ball Completion.
  • Ravan Making ,Room Decoration

School organize various facilities for junior students like

  • Fruit Day
  • Colors Day
  • Grand Dada and Dadi Day
  • Kid Fresher Party at Swimming Pool



  • Rainy Day.
  • Outing Various Parts of Jaipur
  •  UP to standard 1st organized various outing & movies shows


The House System:-

The House System gives our students an opportunity and a platform to explore their talents.

The students of Classes I st to XII fall under this system. Classes section forms a part of one House. According to roll numbers Students are allotted to the houses . Each House is led by house captain team of student Office Bearers, supported by Staff Ad-visors and In-charges.

The House activities cover a wide canvas which includes performing arts, visual arts, literary activities, quiz and games and sports. These culminate into keenly contested House-day celebrations and competitions.

The houses prevalent and their names are 2017-18 :-

  1. Red house : Athena, Sophisticated God of wisdom and art
  2. Yellow house : Apollo, God of sun, light and music
  3. Blue house : Poseidon, God of sea
  4. Green house : Demeter, God of harvest

The house & captain, vice-captain names 2017-18:

  1. Red house : Harshita (Captain) XIth Commerce, Vipin Jindal (Vice-Cap.) XIth Commerce
  2. Yellow house : Shubham Gupta (Captain) XIth Commerce, Anamika (Vice-Cap.) XIth Science
  3. Blue house : Himanshi Sharma (Captain) IXth B , Aakshita (Vice-Cap.) IXth B
  4. Green house : Prateek Meena (Captain) XII th Science, Shristi Goyal (Vice-Cap.) Xth B

School Bearers & Council Person 2017-18:

  1. Head Boy- Mohit Tiwari (XII Science), Head Girl- Pooja Saini (XII Commerce)
  2. Artist- Ananya Agarwal ( XIIth Commerce), Madhusudhan (XI Science)
  3. Dicipline Incharge– Prateek Meena (XII th Science)

House wise activities:

1. Ravan Maling Competition (Winner) Red House (I) Blue House (II) Green House (III)

2. Diwali Decoration Competition (Winner) Red House (I) Green House (II) Blue House (III)

Inter House Championship (Winner) : Green House

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