If you don’t love working up a sweat but do love the benefit cardio workout,swimming may be your ideal match.

The water keeps you cool, even as your heart gets a great workout. You’ll probably be able to keep yourself going for a longer time than if you were running. That’s because it’s fun and gentle on your joints and muscles. The water can also feel relaxing.

Plan on doing 5 hours of swimming a week. Or mix in swimming with other cardio workouts( GYM ). You can set your own goals , going as fast as you like.Most people swim laps in a pool. If you swim in an ocean or lake, make sure you know how to stay safe in open water .


Normal Level of swimming for all age group :-

You’ll use your lower and upper body muscles for a steady workout. You can make your swim harder by going faster or longer.

Targets Area

Core (inside strength ): Swimming gives your entire body a great workout, including your core.

Arms: You’ll need your arms for most swim strokes, so try to get proper stock for long laps

Legs:  You’ll use your legs to propel yourself through the water.

Glutes (long muscles): IN Swimming as much as you use glutes it will be reduces in size by fat reduction .

Back:  Your back muscles will get a workout, whether you’re doing the backstroke or a water-based exercise class.

Flexibility: Swimming will make you more flexible.

Aerobic:  Your heart will keep pumping as you use your entire body to move through the water.

Strength: You’ll get stronger from the resistance of the water, which is about 12 times the level of air resistance. Try using hand-held paddles, or a kickboard for extra resistance.

Equipment required: None, except for a swimsuit. Goggles and a swim cap are optional. To mix things up, you can add small accessories to your water workout, like kickboards .

Different type of swimming :- five type of swimming or stocks

  • Front Crawl (free style)
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Sidestroke

Water Aerobics for all age :- Best for girls , ladies , old people , people fluffing any diseases like Arthritis




Water Aerobic leavel 1 – warm-up, jumping jacks, foot, knee, arms exercise

Water Aerobic leavel 2-  walking, running ,hopping ,dipping ,sit-ups

Water Aerobic leavel 3-  Combination of leavel 1 + 2 , searching of upper & lower abdomen

Water Aerobic leavel 4- All 3 leavel combination + dancing , taking care of all joints

Water Aerobic leavel 5-  All 4 leavel combination with weight belts and dumbles

Water Aerobic leavel 6 Combination of all leaves +15 min cycling in water + 30 min of slimming machine

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