Transport facility available from all over Jaipur buses fleet is ready to pick your ward from door step to save them from any inconvenience. drivers are loaded with mobile phone to get in touch with every parent & school authority.


Our school is committed to integrated technology into education most of the classes are Digitized .Teacher & resource coordinator are trained teach all subjects in an interactive visual mode.


The School has well equipped and computerized libraries, with over 6000 volumes which include books, videos, DVDs, CDs, subscription to 6 periodicals which are added to continually.


Now days computer has become a necessity for complete growth.lab is Equipped with 50 computers .


Exercising makes the day begin for the students at convent after marching in the school grounds. Two classes of physical training periods are compulsory for each student every week. Apart from learning the intricacies of various games, sports and physical education, the students develop physical stamina essential to life. We also believe in the motto, “Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard”. Physical education is provided as an optional subject for class XI & XII.Students can choose Taekwondo, Yoga,. Volley-ball, Badminton, Basket ball, & Cricket. Regular Swimming classes are being held in Monarch Swimming Pool. Specialized coach gives best training In Door games Table Tennis ,Carom Board ,Chess.

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