Aim of Institution

We aim Education is much more than just schooling :-

  1. To make them realize that education is a continuous never ending process.
  2. To teach discerningly so that our students think for themselves and think correctly.
  3. To foster team spirit and encourage a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  4. To know god through the pursuit of truth and knowledge of self.
  5. To create an atmosphere of concern and respect for the welfare of others and to reach out to humanity at large.

Code of Conduct:-

Discipline is the distinctive feature of this school. Disregard of rules and regulations of the institution will not be tolerated. Any action likely as a breach of school’s discipline -The student has to NOW maintain a respectful attitude towards authority, elders and teachers.

Students must cultivate a deep sense, of honest loyalty and integrity and must develop a sense of responsibility with regard to school property.  

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